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2004-12-01 - Hoover Dam

Application Characteristics:

There are 18 hydroelectric generators at the Hoover Dam. These generators tend to build up with grease, dirt, and oil with use. The dirtier the generators get, the harder they work to run, which obviously makes the generators get warmer. The generators are more efficient the cooler they are so the goal is to keep the generators free from grease, dirt, and oil as much as possible.

Cleaning Method:

Before dry ice blasting, the generators were cleaned by hand with long brushes reaching into the holes and in some cases using solvents. Some generators were and are being cleaned in place while some are taken apart and given a more thorough cleaning.

Dry Ice blast cleaning versus current cleaning method:

Dry ice blasting decreased the time it took to clean the generators (exciter, rotor, and stator). Dry ice blasting created a level of cleaning not obtained before.

Recommended Blast Machine:

AeRO 30 with a variety of nozzles at 60 - 80 PSI.