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2004-12-01 - Silk Screen Printing Press

Application Characteristics:

Silk screen printing presses for broadwoven fabrics. It is necessary to clean their printing press equipment in order to remove water base spray adhesives and lint which can cause equipment to jam as well as jeopardize the quality of the end product.

Conventional Cleaning Method:

Solvents - old solvents worked fine but with new requirements regarding the chemical compound of solvents, the new solvent did not clean as well as the old solvent.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning:

It took six guys two days (each) to clean the presses using solvents and with Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting, it took only 2 guys 8 hours each to clean the presses. Several other uses for Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting have since been identified: clean electric motors and other areas of the facility.

Recommended Blast Equipment:

AeRO 30 with 523 SF, 523 SF.2 Nozzles