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Global CFO

The CFO is responsible for financial, accounting, planning, and other general administrative matters. Provide leadership and guidance to the global accounting staff.

Position Responsibilities

With the following responsibilities, you will delegate extensively, but doing so from a position of experience and knowledge as someone who has done the work and addressed these challenges before.

Financial statement preparation

  • Ensure that all books of account are maintained in a timely and accurate manner in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Supervise the timely preparation of all financial statements, provide analysis and action recommendations to improve financial performance. Prepare appropriate reports for management, the board of directors, bankers and shareholders.
  • Select and install the necessary systems to improve the timeliness of all financial information.
  • Provide forecasts of expected operating results and cash requirements.
  • Drive the company budgeting process, including setting targets and measuring and reporting performance against the budget.
  • Coordinate annual financial audit and physical inventory.
  • Ensure international accounting is performed properly, according to local country requirements and for consolidation into Cold Jet corporate statements.
  • Direct management information system experts to ensure the accounting and finance department has the proper tools to perform their work efficiently and accurately.


  • Provide required information for and review federal and state income tax returns prepared by a third party.
  • Supervise preparation of state sales tax returns.
  • Develop with outside experts a global tax strategy.
  • Oversee filings for R&D tax credit, IC-Disc and keep abreast of other opportunities to save taxes.

International financial control

  • Assist in setting up entities in other countries. Work with advisors to structure entities to minimize taxes and adhere to local requirements.
  • Put in place controls for credit approval, bank account controls, cash management, payroll, etc. to protect the company.
  • Oversee inter-company transfer pricing, inter-company commission and corporate service agreements to in support of our international tax strategy.
  • Understand laws and tax consequences for repatriating overseas profits.
  • Support operations in decisions on where to produce products by modelling production costs, distribution and duty costs, IC-Disc effects, tax on profit repatriation, etc.


  • Review product costing procedures and make necessary changes to improve the accuracy, timeliness and usefulness of product cost information. Simplify and clarify manufacturing overhead accounting, reporting, and analysis.
  • Ensure costing process is consistent across global production facilities.

Credit and collections

  • Set credit policies globally and make judgements when exceptions are requested.
  • Put in place procedures and resources globally to assure timely collections and minimize bad debt.
  • Responsible for overseeing the processing of invoices, credit memos, and cash receipts.
  • Understand and utilize when appropriate various trade transaction methods such as import, export and standby letters of credit.
  • Measure and report days sales outstanding and past dues.
  • Forecast and manage cash flow.


  • Support operations with analysis, reports or tools that improve inventory management.
  • Help set goals for effective materials management and measure results – days supply or turnover, part number availability, etc.
  • Support operations in reporting and reducing excess and obsolete inventory and achieving inventory accuracy.
  • Oversee tracking and pricing of used equipment for sale.

Fixed asset oversight

  • Audit fixed assets, determine appropriate responsibility assignments, and develop methods for tracking and accountability.
  • Participate in the determination of capital equipment requirements and purchase or lease approved items to achieve corporate goals within budget.
  • Evaluate the justification for capital equipment purchase requests and approve or reject as appropriate.


  • Ensure proper processes are in place and followed in purchasing goods and services and approving invoices.
  • Ensure vendors are paid as per established guidelines.

Management reporting

  • Provide the information and reporting required to support decision making at all levels of the company.
  • Determine appropriate parameters to be measured and reported so management and the board of directors can track results and measure progress toward long range goals.

External relationships

  • Provide appropriate level of reporting and communication with banks and investors, maintain relationships, seek alternatives for reducing the cost of money and assure compliance with investment agreements.
  • Anticipate funding requirements, identify alternative sources and negotiate lines of credit, both long and short term as required.
  • Manage our relationship with auditors and third party consultants.

Financial modelling

  • Provide support to various departments in developing models for financial justification of projects and initiatives.
  • Track results of these initiatives versus projected performance when possible.
  • Lead financial due diligence and modelling for acquisitions or joint ventures.

Risk management

  • Assist in decisions regarding currency hedging and interest rate swaps.
  • Track results of these initiatives versus projected performance when possible.
  • Ensure appropriate and consistent insurance policies are in place globally.
  • Ensure proper controls are in place to minimize internal or external crime or fraud.

Staff management

  • Hire, train, manage and develop staff to retain the best talent possible in the global finance and accounting team.
  • Ensure all functions are cross-trained such that more than one employee can perform them.

Position Requirements

Education & Experience

  • BS degree in accounting or finance
  • CPA/CMA certificate
  • Fifteen or more years of experience in accounting, treasury, risk management, and planning in a dynamic, international manufacturing or assembly company.

Skill Competencies

  • MIS for accounting and operations management; must be computer literate with experience in accounting and ERP systems, spreadsheets, word processing, presentation software and the internet.
  • Ability to train and develop subordinates
  • Ability to identify and anticipate problems and recommend courses of action for management team
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills are required.
  • Experience with venture capital investors and M&A activities is desirable, but not mandatory.

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